Sunday, April 9, 2017

Real Dev Log #1

Hey, guys! Look, I'm devlogging! I've spent the past couple of weeks smoothing out the kinks and bugs in Don't Tax Me, Bro!, worked on the menu and, finally, content for the second level - which needs more stuff put in it before I will show it off. 'Till then, this is next week's to-do list - roughly speaking:

- Add stuff to level 2 and stop tweaking things that are so minute nobody will ever notice you changed anything, but the day is lost, so you can't work on anything else that you actually should work on (like goddamn content for the second level, bruh)

- Blogpost week

PS - I love how Construct 2's physics behavior works combined with the platform, solid and jump-through behavior. Took me a while to properly setup things so that there's a seamless interaction between all of 'em. Now I want to make a shooter (or continuie the one that I've already started a while back). SOON!

Physics if you're on top of jump-through stuff

 Physics if you're beside jump-through stuff

Sunday, March 12, 2017

Oh boy, oh boy!

Maybe it doesn't sound like much in today's saturated market full of tiny one week builds and game jams, but ever since I was 11 I knew I wanted to make games. It does sound like too much of a solid commitment for a tween to make to himself, but I didn't know back then all the things I'd had to learn to get to here. But now I do.

I'm not talking necessarily about technical and skill-based things. I am talking people.

Loners, extroverts and the mix

As a loner (not derogatory), I've always been extremely selective with the people I chose to interact with. More so with the people I chose to share my ideas, beliefs, fears and desires. These are the people that one can be intimate with, in a peer-to-peer connection sort of way, I mean. Don't have anything against extroverts and the like, by the way. I view this difference in humans more like different wiring - each with it's own pro and con. Different classes, if you will.

I started Don't Tax Me, Bro! in the late summer of 2016 together with a programmer that has since moved on. So I basically went on ahead and moved all the graphics from Unity and made my own thing in Construct 2, which is incredibly artist friendly.

Going solo(ish)

This is the first time ever I took such a drastic decision - doing it all myself (except for the sfx and music, but more on that later). I had been involved in about 6 projects that had all went the way of the Dodo before, but the reasons for not pushing on before seemed to be absent now. The project is not super big in scope. It's not so content heavy that it can't be done by a single guy. It doesn't require knowledge that I don't already posses. I do have the tech required to physically do it. And then another thing hit me even harder - Why did I not start a small project by myself earlier? Like even years earlier.

Because you can only be as good as the people around you allow you to be. In the past 2 years I have moved into the most happy, healthy, positive and stimulating relationship ever with my soon to be wife. I have also ditched some really negative peeps from my life. Also freeing was the newfound ability to actually cut myself some slack here and there because of ditching said peeps.

And after all the good stuff came even more great things in the form of the wonderful people that I have met through sharing my work on Don't Tax Me, Bro!.

First I was approached by a dude who goes by the name of Tony Baboon. He showed me some songs that he made for the game and said I could use them any way I want. Out of the blue. Best yet, he didn't just blew me away with the quality of his stuff, he even understood where I was coming from a style point of view. Shock! He's the SFX and music man now. Then Alex Nechita, a guy I barely knew online came and gave me a truckload of extremely good advice on how to go about things (hope it's not awkward giving a shout out here, man). Then Nicolae "Nick" Berbece, dude responsible for Move or Die, contacted me with extremely great advice and even offered to pitch my game to a publisher. Thank you, man! And then Jeremy Alexander, from, from which I've learned a ton of stuff got in touch with me. Suffice to say, I'm positively overwhelmed and overjoyed.

Chilling is thrilling

No matter the outcome of the Don't Tax Me, Bro! Steam Greenlight campaign, I have already learned that being true to one's self is so so much more important than learning and perfecting technical skills, and this is priceless information that will stick with me for a good amount of years to come (aka all).

In closing, I know this articles reads more like a Zen booklet on spiritual growth than a developer log, but I find this sort of knowledge very helpful, so I'm trying to share. The introvert part of me is sort of skeptical of this, but skepticism is good.

The game will be out March 30th 2017. It will have another 2 levels and 2 characters to unlock.

PS - I will do a follow-up in the days to come, focusing on the new content.

All the best!

Friday, February 24, 2017

Crazy week this week! release at the end of March!

The demo for Don't Tax Me, Bro! has been out on for about 10 days now.

In the meantime, I have received a $10 donation (first ever money received by donation). Have been contacted by the creator of Move or Die (Those Awesome Guys' Nicolae Berbece). Then the game got featured on's front page. Then a Youtube review. Then another.

As I watched the views for the page surely but steadily increase for about 6 days, yesterday I was hit by a ton of bricks while checking the stats - 4 times as many views in a couple of hours than all the other days before combined. I thought it was a bug, so I checked from where did all this new traffic come from. It was a Youtube link. 1000+ views coming from it alone. *Gasp* I click on it.

It's Markiplier reacting to cops shouting at him. Marki-effng-plier. The twentieth youtuber by subs count (16 million!!) is reviewing my game. "What in the actual f?!?" He's having fun playing it. He's losing a lot, but having fun at it. And, best of all, he friggin likes it. He sings stuff about putting coffee in his ass. Good stuff!

40k likes on the video and almost a million views later, I, Tibith, and mr. Tony Baboon are still in shock. We know what we have to do now - release the game by March 30. We still have some midnight oil to burn, but it's definitely worth it!

Thanks for all the support, kind words and plays! You guys are golden!

Sunday, February 5, 2017


There's 4 of 'em

SHIELD / Brawny Men
(This one's still glitchy af )

BOMB / Gas Tank

COIN MAGNET / Vacuum Cleaner

SPEED / Coffee

Thursday, January 5, 2017

Switching platforms halfway through production is a bit like holding a pee while you poop and back again

Yep. I went from making the graphics on Don't Tax Me Bro and collaborating on the game design to basically divorcing my teammate (programmer and co-designer) and going rogue. Divergent opinions about quality and scope. Oh, well.

Since I can't program to save my life, I couldn't go at it alone - not in Unity, at least. But an old friend, Construct 2, which I've been using to fool around with for about 5 years now, was the perfect alternative. Easy to use and perfect for a non-coding heathen who just wants to get stuff done. Simple stuff. Simple stuff that I can tweak the shit out of and still not be satisfied.

But dissatisfaction breeds quality - or so I talk myself out of feeling like I've spent too much time on a single thing that nobody will ever notice even if they play non-stop starting from now to the heat death of the Universe. But I like it. And maybe that will translate into the final thing. I don't know. This is my first time actually trying to get something out on the market. Juggling the integration of all the old graphics, creating the game from scratch in another program, my day job and freelance stuff on the top is pretty grueling, but it's also satisfying as hell.

Anyhoo - I wanted to write something long, whimsical and insightful, but that would be phony of me, since I don't really feel I've got anything more to say at the moment, other than I'm tired, I want to eat a yogurt and I have been fighting the urge to pee by shaking my legs like an autistic Mexican bean for the past 15 minutes.

Bye! Ttyl